Nebraska and U.S. Tornadoes

PHOTO: Ken Dewey, University of Nebraska, Central Nebraska, May 22, 2004

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Nebraska Annual Tornado Maps Animated: 1953-2018
Nebraska Tornado Density Maps -- Mt. Grand Island  (Updated)
(E)F-Scale Nebraska Tornado Maps (Updated)
Nebraska Tornado Table and Graphs: Monthly, Annual Totals 1950-2023 (Updated)
Nebraska Hourly Tornado Frequency 1950-2023  Table and a graph (Updated)
Nebraska Tornadoes County Data (Updated)


Damage Assessment Toolkit
Northern U.S. compared to Southern U.S. Tornado Injuries & Fatalities 1950-2023 (Updated)
SPC Maps: 25-Year Average Number of Tornadoes per State by Month (All tornadoes, 1997-2022) (Updated)
Top Ten Deadliest U.S. Tornadoes (Includes a Nebraska Tornado) (Updated)
Top Ten Killer Nebraska Tornadoes

U.S. Maps of Annual Number of  Storm Warnings 2001-2024 (Updated)
U.S. Annual Tornadoes, Tornado Fatalities, Tornado Days 1950-2023, DATA TABLE (Updated)
U.S. Annual Tornadoes, Tornado Fatalities, Tornado Days 1950-2023  GRAPHS (Updated)
U.S. Maps Annual Number of  Tornadoes 2000-2023 (Updated)
U.S. Tornado (E)F-Scale Trends 1953-2022 (Updated)

Grand Island June 1980 Tornadoes (NWS)
Grand Island, NE 1980 Tornadoes (Our report)
Lists of toradoes and tornado Outbreaks
May 5, 1964 Terrible Tuesday In Nebraska
May 5, 1964: Last (E)F5 tornado in Nebraska
May 9, 2016 Lincoln area tornadoes
May 22, 2004 Hallam tornado storm report with many damage photos
Maximum tornado probability by Month
Monitoring U.S. Tornado Statistics

Omaha 1913 Tornado Worst in State's History
Omaha May 6, 1975 Tornado
Severe Weather Awareness Week 2024 Information, NWS-Omaha
Severe Weather Event Summaries
SPC Tornado FAQ
SPC Severe Weather Maps, Graphics, Data

Super Outbreak 1974
Top Ten Tornado Days in the U.S.
Tornado Count Preliminary vs Final
Tornadoes Hitting Urban Centers
Tornado Intercept Vehicles in Nebraska (May 16, 2004)
Tornado Myths, NWS
Tornado Myths and Misconceptionsnnn
U.S. Tornadoes 2023
NOAA Hazardous Weather Fatality Statistics 
Worst Tornadoes in U.S. History