F-Scale Nebraska Maps

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F Scale vs EF Scale

The Fujita Scale (F-0 to F-5) had been traditionally used to classify tornado damage but more recently, the new Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF-0 to EF-5) has been used.
For consistency, the maps here are labeled "F" Scale.  In practice, for example, an EF-3 tornado is considered to be the equivalent of an F-3 tornado.

The following maps were generated by an on-line program, "Severe Plot", located at the Storm Prediction Center. The data in this archive runs from 1950 thru 2018 and has not been updated beyond 2018 at this time (March 2022).

The map coverage extends slightly beyond the Nebraska borders since the program does not allow isolating an individual state.
SeverePlot Map is centered on latitude=41.298 & longitude=99.900 & zoom=200.

F-0 Tornadoes 1950-2018

F-1 Tornadoes 1950-2018

F-2 Tornadoes 1950-2018

F-3 Tornadoes 1950-2018

F-4 Tornadoes 1950-2018

F-5 Tornadoes 1950-2018