Lincoln Climate Records 2021

Lincoln, NE, Climate Records set in 2021. Data Archive 1887-2021 (135 years)

Lincoln's climate record archive 1887-2021>>

YEAR 2021 >>>>
January 25: 14.5 inches of snow, most snow ever on that date. Old record 6.1 inches.
January 25: 1.13 inches liquid water equivalent. Old record 0.48 inches, set in 1941.

February 13: Record cold daily high temperature of 6°F,  Old record 9°F.
February 15: Record cold daily high temperature of -4°F. Old record -1°F.
February 15: Record cold daily low temperature of -26°F. Old record -11°F.
February 16: Record cold daily low temperature of -31°F. Old record -18°F.
February 16: Record coldest all-time February temperature, -31°F.

March 9: Record warm daily low temperature, 48°F. Old record 47°F.
March 13: Record daily precipitation 0.79 inches. Old record 0.68 inches
March 14: Record daily precipitation 2.97 inches. Old record 0.86 inches
March 14: Greatest precipitation observed for any day in March: 2.97 inches

April 1: Tied record low of 17°F.
April 8: Record daily precipitation 0.86 inches, old record 0.85 inches.
April 22: Record low 23°F, old record 25°F.

May: None


June 17: Record High Temperature 103°F. Old record 101°F.

July: None

August 24: Tied Record "High-Low" 75° This is the warmest daily low for August 24

September 27: Record high temperature, 94°F. Old record 93°F.

October 24: Record daily precipitation 1.50 inches. Old record 0.85 inches.
October 27: Record daily precipitation 1.62 inches. Old record 0.97 inches.

November: None

December 2: Record high 71°F. Old record 68°F.
December 15: Record High 74°F. Old record 64°F.
December 24: Record High 65°F. Old record 62°F.